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2011 BMW ActiveHybrid 7

Although a tech powerhouse, in some ways the hybrid system in the 2011 BMW ActiveHybrid 7 feels like a novelty. It adds power and fuel efficiency, but also adds quirks to everyday driving. Cutting-edge cabin tech features are available in all 7-series models.

By March 17, 2011

4.5 stars Editors' rating March 17, 2011

MSRP: $102,300.00


BMW ActiveHybrid 5 preview (photos)

BMW adds another hybrid to its lineup, the ActiveHybrid5 based on the 5-series. BMW has essentially added a hybrid system to the 535i with this car, increasing power and fuel economy.

8 Images By October 5, 2011


BMW Concept X5 eDrive test drive: A big SUV with a big battery and a plug

BMW has been making waves with its i3 and i8, but now it's time for the company's more-traditional cars to get some bigger battery packs. We take a prototype plug-in hybrid X5 SUV for a quick spin.

By April 16, 2014


The 2013 BMW ActiveHybrid3 unveiled in Detroit (video)

BMW looks like it should have a hit on its hands with the ActiveHybrid3. Fuel economy is estimated in the mid-30s, and it has more horsepower than the 335i model.

By January 17, 2012


2011 BMW ActiveHybrid 7 (photos)

BMW's hybrid 7-series is an odd duck; its hybrid system gives it a huge power boost and better fuel economy than its siblings. But the driving character can be odd due to the idle stop feature of the engine. It works fine at long lights, but is annoying in stop-and-go traffic.

26 Images By March 18, 2011


The 2013 BMW ActiveHybrid3 is coming and we have a First Look

BMW's newest ActiveHybrid not only adds a high-tech and energy efficient engine, but also boast some nifty energy-saving tech inside at the 2012 Detroit auto show.

By January 12, 2012


BMW combines all-wheel-drive, plug-in hybrid in concept

At the 2013 Frankfurt auto show next month, BMW will display an X5 model SUV concept with a plug-in hybrid drive system.

By August 21, 2013


Prestige hybrids: Luxury cars with electric boost

Not every hybrid has to be a Prius. These five luxury cars boast advanced hybrid power trains for excellent fuel economy, and in some cases, plenty of power.

By March 26, 2012


BMW unveils the 5-series hybrid

BMW announced specifications and released photos of a new hybrid coming to its lineup, the ActiveHybrid 5. This car joins the ActiveHybrid 7, using BMW's new hybrid system to generate extra power and get better fuel economy.

By October 5, 2011


BMW unwraps 2012 3 Series

Today, BMW released details and photos of the 2012 3 Series, an evolution of its popular sedan. The new version comes out with refined styling and a new engine option.

By October 14, 2011