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BMW gives ActiveE drivers incentive to fuel up with the sun

BMW has partnered with Real Goods Solar to offer residential solar panel systems to ActiveE lessees at a 35 percent discount.

By May 9, 2012


The order books open for the electric BMW ActiveE

With only 700 ActiveEs to lease, you'll have to move fast if you want to be one of BMW's electric pioneers.

By January 20, 2012


BMW ActiveE home charging supplier also powers Leaf, Volt

BMW selected AeroVironment as the preferred supplier and installer for the all-electric ActiveE's 240-volt home charging dock.

By May 18, 2011


BMW ActiveE (photos)

BMW unveiled its production version of the ActiveE electric vehicle at the 2011 New York International Auto Show. The carmaker plans to ship 700 EVs to the U.S. for long-term customer testing this fall. Priced at $499 per month with a $2,250 down payment for a 24-month lease, the BMW ActiveE is one of the more affordable BMWs on the market. The trade-off, of course, is its limited range.

6 Images By April 21, 2011


BMW ActiveE field trial to begin in major coastal cities, summer 2011

BMW ActiveE, BMW's first electric car, will begin field trial in summer 2011 in major metropolitan coastal areas.

By September 23, 2010


A closer look at the BMW Concept ActiveE

BMW unveiled its first electric car recently at the Detroit auto show, and this video takes a look at this potentially revolutionary vehicle inside and out.

By January 29, 2010


BMW Concept ActiveE (photos)

BMW doesn't fool around when it makes a car, even a concept. The ActiveE is an electric car designed to have most of the performance one would expect from a BMW. Only its acceleration is lacking.

5 Images By January 12, 2010


Check out the BMW Concept ActiveE

Web video of the BMW Concept ActiveE. This car, which is based on the BMW 1 Series Coupe, will be electrically powered.

By December 21, 2009


BMW ActiveE concept: Electric 1-Series

It's not a wild flight of supercar fancy like the Vision EfficientDynamics; rather it's a sensible shoes step in BMW's electric car game plan.

12 Images By December 16, 2009


BMW Concept ActiveE: 1 Series does the electric boogie

BMW has unveiled a new vehicle known as the Concept ActiveE -- an electrically driven version of its successful 1 Series coupe

4 Images By January 18, 2010