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How to get quick definitions for acronyms and abbreviations

It happens to the best of us. We run into a string of all-caps that must mean something, but isn't explained in context. If you're lucky, a quick search can come up with possibilities, but Chrome and Firefox users have access to Abbrex, a nifty extension that provides pop-up definitions quickly and easily.

By January 9, 2012


Euroboffins get €10m to think up cool acronyms, also hopefully make apps work everywhere

Fokus, an alliance of networks, manufacturers and standards bodies have been united by a plan to standardise apps, €10m in Eurofunding, and a love of cool acronyms.

By September 23, 2010


North Korea names space agency 'NADA,' mimics NASA logo

North Korea's newly named space agency sports the unfortunate acronym "NADA" and features a familiar-looking logo.

By April 2, 2014


Data Loss Prevention needs a new name--and acronym

Data Loss Prevention, or DLP, was appropriate circa 2005, but not in 2008. So if DLP doesn't fit anymore, what does?

By June 19, 2008


Ask Anything: Cell phone acronyms explained

What do 3G, GSM, and CDMA mean? CNET cell phone expert Kent German has the answers.

May 21, 2008


It's the acronym from hell contest

I've come across a lot of abbreviations and acronyms in this industry, but the NVMHCIWG takes the cake.

By December 3, 2007


Breaking: White House Tumblr says it's GIF, with a 'hard G'

The new Tumblr account for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. takes a bold stand on the pronunciation of the famed acronym. Are you with the Obama administration on this one?

By April 26, 2013


New Firefox earns full WebRTC

WebRTC may sound like yet another Internet acronym, but what it brings to browsers could be the death knell for plugins -- and it just landed in the latest version of Firefox.

By June 25, 2013


Car Tech 101: What exactly is a connected car?

Connected car is a term that gets bandied about a lot these days, Brian Cooley explains the flavors of it with an acronym we know you'll remember.

By March 11, 2013


Odds & Ends: CDT, AIM, USB (and other acronyms)

Odds & Ends: CDT, AIM, USB (and other acronyms)

By November 18, 1999