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Pinterest 'acqui-hires' Livestar team

The inspirational social network has pinned down the engineers behind a recommendations mobile app. Hopefully it received a friends and family discount.

By March 20, 2013


Dropbox acquires music streaming service Audiogalaxy

The service will be shut down in an apparent "acqui-hire," suggesting that the file-sharing specialist Dropbox may be getting ready to tune up a music streaming service.

By December 12, 2012


Photo-sharing site Color Labs announces shut down

Startup was reportedly the target of an acqui-hire by Apple, which was supposedly more interested in the company's employees rather than its technology.

By November 19, 2012


Color Labs engineer reportedly changes work status to Apple

Engineer at the troubled app maker changes profile information, supporting reports of an "acqui-hire" of the firm by Apple, Wired reports.

By October 22, 2012