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Privacy no longer a barrier on Facebook: Just Ask!

If you want to know who your friends and acquaintances are dating or where they grew up, you no longer need to wait for them to share those details on Facebook -- the site has introduced a new 'Ask' button, allowing users to send unsolicited requests for personal information.

By May 19, 2014


With friend-finders like these, Facebook may find itself sued

According to one company, the social network stole the idea for the geo-based Find Friends Nearby, which helps people locate new acquaintances. Facebook says it was just a test.

By June 25, 2012


Friday Poll: Does Google's Search Plus add up?

Some will surely view the new, more personalized search feature as a nice way to easily find posts and photos on a given topic from friends and acquaintances. But not everyone is happy about Search Plus. What are your early thoughts?

By January 13, 2012


All kids photos, all the time

Digital photo wallet is another way to annoy acquaintances

By April 27, 2007


IBM mobile software helps 'senior moments'

IBM researchers develop technology to help people recall events, names of new acquaintances, and details of a conversation in their context with the use of cell phone and PC.

By July 29, 2008


This is what social media is doing to your brain

Can you become addicted to social media? Are active social-media users better at multitasking? A video from AsapSCIENCE shows us how social media is changing our brains.

By September 8, 2014


Drivers take selfies in middle of blocked LA freeway

When the 105 freeway closed because a man was threatening to jump from an overcrossing, what would good citizens do? Why, get out of their cars and take group selfies.

By April 10, 2014


Thank you, Facebook: A way to demote annoying 'friends' on the sly

There's no chance of hurt feelings, but the upshot is that you'll see a lot less of their wonder-of-me moments in your News Feed every day.

By March 22, 2012


Survey names LinkedIn chief top-rated CEO, Zuckerberg falls to No. 9

Jeff Weiner leaves all other US chief executives in the dust by garnering a 100 percent approval rating in employee-driven Glassdoor survey.

By March 21, 2014


Sprint CFO says early reaction to Framily better than expected

Joe Euteneuer, the carrier's chief financial officer, says he likes the Framily plan because it turns customers into "marketing advocates."

By March 10, 2014