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Lawmakers lambaste Apple's tax strategy as 'an absurdity'

As CEO Tim Cook prepares to testify before a congressional subcommittee, senators portray Apple as having exploited tax loopholes to escape paying its fair share.

By May 21, 2013


Rotel's stereo integrated amp is high-end but not absurdly high-priced

The Audiophiliac found a lot to like about the new Rotel RA-1570 amp, for hi-fi and stereo home theater applications.

By January 5, 2014


Cell phones with absurd names

Cell phone manufacturers can get a little overzealous when naming their cell phones. Here are CNET's picks for the silliest cell phone names.

By July 14, 2010


'Huge Pedometer' for iPad is huge (and absurd)

Who would have thought the iPad could ever be used as a pedometer? One developer did, and there's an app to prove it. How well does it work? Read on to find out.

By April 26, 2010


Headphones: From absurd to kind of neat

Headphones guru Jasmine France takes a look at an article containing purportedly ridiculous headphones.

By March 30, 2010


An absurd iPhone application I like

I don't care what others say, the iPhone app for New York City transit maps is pretty cool.

By September 5, 2008


10 (more) absurd iPhone apps

Was our last list of 10 absurd iPhone apps not enough for you? We've got 10 more that will make your jaw drop.

By August 11, 2008


10 absurd new iPhone apps

What are the most ridiculous and absurd iPhone apps to grace us with this morning's iPhone firmware update? We round up 10 of our favorites.

By July 10, 2008


Energy disputes reach absurd new low

Who gets the right-of-way: the solar panels or the trees?

By February 21, 2008


Embracing the absurdity of Facebook apps

Michelle Slatalla's commentary on the absurdity of Facebook applications gave (parent.thesis) blogger Amy Tiemann hope that parents will survive the social networking revolution with an intact sense of humor.

By November 9, 2007