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A2B Alva+ electric bicycle

With 500W of electric assistance, the A2B Alva+ is an effortlessly quick commuter, but its cumbersome weight can be a problem when dismounted.

By December 13, 2013

4 stars Editors' rating December 13, 2013

MSRP: $3,400.00


Alva+ electric bike gets you from A2B (pictures)

It's heavy and unwieldy when you're dismounted, but the Alva+ carries its own weight and ends up being a nimble ride that flies up hills with the greatest of ease.

25 Images By December 13, 2013


Ultra Motor A2B Metro and Hybrid electric bikes tested

Remember the A2B Ultra Motor electric bikes we tested at the gadget show? The ones being tested by Raef of The Apprentice fame? Well we managed to blag a pair for an extended test, and we can bring you the definitive verdict.

13 Images By May 20, 2009


This electric bicycle peps up your pedal power

The commuter-friendly A2B Alva+ gets cyclists from point A to B sweat-free with 500W of electric assistance.

By December 13, 2013


An awesome-sounding desktop subwoofer-satellite system from PSB Speakers

The Audiophiliac checks out the tiny, yet potent PSB Alpha PS1 speakers and SubSeries 100 subwoofer.

By October 30, 2013


CNET UK Podcast 132: Will the Pirate Bay verdict change anything?

This week on the CNET UK Podcast, Ian, Nate and Rory discussed an internet sensation, Google Street View getting the all-clear from the government and some terror in the BitTorrent community

By April 24, 2009


Electric bike offers green urban commuting option

Ultra Motor says its zero-emissions ride will appeal to people who want the freedom of personal commuting, but without the hassles and costs of cars.

By August 6, 2008