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Government-funded battery maker A123 files for bankruptcy

The publicly traded firm thus becomes the latest government-backed energy company to file for Chapter 11 amid strong competition and soft demand.

By October 16, 2012


A123 Systems stung by faulty batteries

Battery maker A123 Systems will need to replace batteries to the Fisker Karma and other vehicles following the discovery of a defect at its Livonia, Mich., battery plant.

By March 26, 2012


EV battery maker A123 Systems lowers forecast, blames Fisker

Late-to-the-EV-party Fisker Automotive may be dragging down suppliers with its tardiness. A123 Systems lowered its 2011 revenue forecast due to reduced orders, and it's pointing a finger squarely at the Danish car maker.

By November 4, 2011


A123 scores battery deal for wind power in China

Lithium ion battery maker A123 Systems will have grid storage system coupled with wind turbine installed for tests in China.

By July 26, 2011


A123 supplies giant battery for 'hybrid power plant'

Power generation company AES to install 20 megawatts worth of batteries for "spinning reserve" in Chile, one of the largest battery projects to ensure grid reliability.

By February 7, 2011


A123 cuts ribbon on Michigan EV battery plant

Lithium-ion battery company's factory is part of its bid to bring large-scale advanced battery manufacturing for electric vehicles and grid storage to the U.S.

By September 13, 2010


A123 spinoff 24M funded for novel energy storage

Start-up 24M Technologies receives $10 million in venture funding to pursue high energy density storage for vehicles and grid storage that combines lithium ion and flow battery concepts.

By August 15, 2010


A123 Systems ramps up, spins off battery start-up

A123 Systems, one of the few energy tech companies to go public in recent years, is trying to compete in auto and grid storage with manufacturing scale.

By August 11, 2010


A123 signs battery deal

Automotive News reports on a new battery manufacturing contract and plant by A123 Systems.

By March 19, 2010


Fisker taps A123 Systems for electric car batteries

Luxury electric vehicle, the Fisker Karma, and potentially a lower-end Fisker model will use batteries supplied by A123 Systems.

By January 14, 2010