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YouPorn sued for sniffing browser history

A lawsuit accuses the operator of a porn site of checking whether a visitor had been to other Web sites using "history sniffing." UCSD researchers say YouPorn isn't alone.

By December 6, 2010


Post 'revenge porn' in California and you may go to jail

A new law in California could impose jail time and a hefty fine on people who seek revenge on their exes by posting pornographic pictures.

By October 2, 2013


Online porn to be blocked in the UK, unless you opt in

Porn will be automatically blocked by ISPs in the UK unless account holders choose to opt in, David Cameron will announce today.

By July 22, 2013


Scenes you may have missed: Porn on a train station Jumbotron

Sometimes, just one click can take you from safety to embarrassment. This seems to have happened for one IT worker in China, who displayed a porn movie to travelers. For 10 minutes.

By July 6, 2013


Campaigns chew on cookies to see if you watch porn

Both the Romney and Obama campaigns are reportedly going to be calling you, armed with a huge knowledge of what you do and where you go online.

By October 14, 2012


How 600 tweets can get you a porn star prom date

A persistent high school student sends Twitter messages to as many porn stars as he can think of, in order to get one to be his prom date. Megan Piper agrees. But now the school objects.

By March 24, 2012


Hackers add porn to Sesame Street YouTube channel

Normally family-friendly videos were replaced with hard-core pornography, according to published reports.

By October 16, 2011


Canadian YouTubers prefer gastro-porn to Bieber?

In a sign that perhaps Justin Bieber's fame as Canada's greatest export is over, Montreal-based Epic Meal Time, perhaps the most pornographic food show ever conceived, is reported to have more Canadian YouTube subscribers.

By July 25, 2011


YouTube battling 'Porn Day' campaign

Users of YouTube rival eBaum's World and the imageboard 4chan site launch mass porn posting on YouTube.

By May 20, 2009


Ep. 1266: It's not the porn, it's you

If you find that your employees are goofing off watching porn at work instead of working, does it make logical sense that you should get rid of the porn, or the employee? Exactly. Of course, the government doesn't see it that way, but they're the ones who encoded their like, 900-word mission statement into the U.S. CyberCommand shield. Sigh.

By July 9, 2010