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Yahoo's pre-fireworks news: We're buying Xobni

With purchase of e-mail startup, Yahoo might be looking to take over your mobile phone from every possible angle, including where you store your contacts.

By July 3, 2013


Yahoo's buying spree continues with Rondee acquisition

Rondee announces the deal on its Web site, saying current users can create new conference calls until July 12. After that, the site is closing down.

By June 13, 2013


Yahoo to take Flickr offline for six hours

Planned outages that last a long time are rare these days for major sites, but Yahoo's photo-sharing service will experience one on July 25 for "maintenance."

By July 24, 2013


So long, Loeb: Yahoo buying back 40M Third Point shares

The company will pay $29.11 per share, according to Yahoo, and three directors appointed by Third Point have resigned.

By July 22, 2013


Yahoo's at it again with gaming platform acquisition

The online company, which earlier this week announced it had reached a deal to buy Tumblr, has now purchased PlayerScale.

By May 23, 2013


Yahoo's big lean into content to fuel growth

Marissa Mayer's plan is for Yahoo to be to personalized content what Google is to search and Facebook is to social networks.

By May 22, 2013


Nokia, Yahoo rank among top companies for work-life balance

Sixteen tech companies claim a spot on Glassdoor's annual "Top 25 Companies for Work-Life Balance." Maybe canceling the work-from-home option at Yahoo wasn't such a terrible move after all.

By July 19, 2013


Yahoo buys Chinese startup with social network analysis focus

Acquisition just the latest in Marissa Mayer's one-year stewardship as Yahoo CEO.

By July 18, 2013


Yahoo buying AdMovate to push mobile advertising

Another day, another Yahoo acquisition. When is the technology company going to start connecting the dots between all of these purchases?

By July 17, 2013


At Yahoo, style over substance and the style was, well -- weird

Give Marissa Mayer credit for trying something new but there's a good reason why most quarterly financial conferences don't get televised.

By July 16, 2013