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At E3: Wiretape, a super-thin cable you can paint

Fat wires got you down? A new super-thin cable coming out later this year promises to cut clutter on sprawling electronics installs.

By Jun. 16, 2010


Crave 06: The trouble with lightsabers (podcast)

This week, Donald and Eric debate the dangers of robots, geodesic playgrounds, and real-life lightsabers. Plus, we take a look at some invisible cables, giant air multipliers, Catan for Microsoft Surface, and the e-reader's race to the bottom.

By Jun. 22, 2010


Buzz Out Loud 1251: Captain Obvious issues a memo (podcast)

From the desk of the big man himself: tablets are gonna be huge. Thanks for that one, boss. Also, iPhone 4 shipments are delayed again, and that doesn't even address the white iPhone 4 issue (where is that thing?). But Android's no help, at least not if you want the HTC Aria, which is all locked down by (you guessed it) AT&T. And in other obvious news, monkeys like TV.

By Jun. 17, 2010