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Vlingo adds a Virtual Assistant to your TV

Vlingo, the virtual assistant app for all major mobile platforms, today announced that it's making its way into televisions.

By January 10, 2012


Can't wait for Siri? Try Vlingo

Update Facebook, get maps, search the Web, and more with this impressive voice-powered app. It's free, and sending e-mails and texts is now free as well.

By October 6, 2011


5 safe places to put your smartphone while driving

Distraction-free driving with a high-tech phone sometimes boils down to choosing the right low-tech mounting system. We round up your options.

By January 25, 2013


Car Tech's guide to using your Android phone in the car

Looking for tips on safely using your Android phone with your car's stereo? CNET has you covered.

By December 13, 2012


Put your phone into 'car mode' with these dashboard apps

With large shortcuts to car-specific functions and, in some cases, voice and gesture controls, these apps can make your phone as safe to use behind the wheel as your car's stereo.

By December 14, 2012


Tap That App: Vlingo Voice with InCar

Vlingo Voice for Android has a unique feature called Vlingo InCar that enables you to send text messages, initiate calls, and begin navigation with little more than the sound of your voice.

By May 31, 2011


Siri plays femme fatale to Martin Scorsese in new Apple ad

America's greatest living film director is having a busy day and it's up to Siri to help him out in Apple's latest celeb iPhone ad.

By July 24, 2012


Next-gen Swype keyboard wants to get to know you better

The finger-dragging Android keyboard software will learn your lingo and train its ear to your voice with its next major update.

By June 21, 2012


Vlingo's SuperDialer aims to be an Android 411

Voice-command app Vlingo adds a new feature to its Android software, which lets you search for and call business listings with your voice.

By July 15, 2010


Is Apple fragmenting the iPhone?

iPhone 4 won't get the new turn-by-turn features in iOS 6, just like it didn't get Siri. But it's still for sale, and so is the iPhone 3GS. Is Apple committing the Android sin of fragmentation, and will users rebel?

By June 12, 2012