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Vertu phones dripping in jewels mark a big birthday

To celebrate its 150th anniversary, French jeweler House of Boucheron plans to jointly release glitzy Vertu cell phones bearing names such as Magic, Audacious, Curious, and Voluptuous.

By September 12, 2008


Nokia N79, Vertu Signature clear FCC

Crave gives you the details on recent cell phone filings with the FCC.

By September 12, 2008


Vertu tries a new angle or two

Luxury handset maker's latest offerings feature unusual contours.

By July 9, 2008


Concept phone might be too weird even for Vertu

Luxury handset design is a seven-sided wonder.

By June 25, 2008


Vertu vs. 'Veptu'? No comparison

The highest-end phone gets an inferior knockoff.

By April 29, 2008


Vertu phones honor its favorite subject--itself

A second line commemorates the luxury handset maker's 10th anniversary.

By April 25, 2008


Flaunt your bling with a Vertu phone

If you feel like dropping several thousand dollars on a cell phone, a Vertu store awaits you in Las Vegas.

By April 3, 2008


Vertu's latest 'Ascent' descends on stores

New luxury handset goes for about $6,628.

By October 2, 2007


Vertu collection celebrates--what else?--itself

Luxury handset maker puts its "V" monogram on entire line.

By March 12, 2008


Vertu's latest diamond phone in the pink

The luxury handset maker is back in its old form.

By June 18, 2007