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Valve's Steam Controller brings PC finesse to console comfort

As part of Valve's three-pronged announcement last week, the Steam Controller was the finishing touch on Valve's direct assault on console domination of the living room.

By September 29, 2013


Valve's Steam Machine prototype to ship early to 300 lucky players

In the second of three announcements, the game developer and digital distributor is inviting 300 Steam users to beta-test a prototype this year.

By September 25, 2013


Former Valve devs Kickstart new gaming headset

Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson have developed castAR, a new headset for 3D augmented-reality and virtual-reality gaming.

By October 15, 2013


Valve shows the Steam Controller in action

A short video from Valve shows its new controller working on a variety of different games.

By October 14, 2013


Valve reveals Steam Machine prototype details

More information emerges on what Valve will be offering in its initial 300 Steam Machine prototypes.

By October 7, 2013


Valve flexes impressive muscle of its Steam Machine prototype

Later this year, 300 prototypes of Valve's recently unveiled living room box will go out to select users for a beta test. Here are the specs at last.

By October 4, 2013


Valve Steam Machines to battle game consoles

In the quest for the living room, Valve begins testing a new video game system with a unique controller. Also, Facebook tweaks advertisements, and AOL launches discounted bundles of digital goods with Gathr.

By September 30, 2013


Valve Steam Controller has two trackpads, haptic feedback

Valve has lifted the lid on a new type of controller, with a touchscreen, trackpads, and buzzing feedback.

By September 28, 2013


Goodbye thumbsticks: Valve unveils Steam Controller with PC-like trackpads

Valve reveals its very own controller -- with two circular trackpads -- joining the company's new operating system and custom hardware prototypes announced earlier this week.

By September 27, 2013


Valve announces the Steam Machine

Hot on the heels of SteamOS, Valve unveils the Steam Machine hardware and gets its community to start testing.

By September 25, 2013