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Mark Hamill strikes epic Yoda-training pose during Star Wars filming

Hamill and next-gen Star Wars star Daisy Ridley take time out from filming the next entry in the saga to re-create a famous pose from "The Empire Strikes Back."

By April 11, 2016


Welcome to Train Jam: The ultimate game developer road trip

What it's like to ride shotgun on a moving game creation festival and take a cross-country pilgrimage to the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco.

By March 13, 2016


Man arrested for allegedly using cell phone jammer on train

Technically Incorrect: A Chicago man allegedly just wanted a bit of peace and quiet. He is accused, though, of using illegal electronic means to achieve serenity.

By March 10, 2016


Oculus Rift VR being used for tsunami disaster training in Japan

A Japanese university is hoping to prepare the country's citizens for what they could be in for if another huge earthquake hits.

By March 9, 2016


Iofit's smart shoe tees you up for training (pictures)

These Smart Balance kicks work with an app to make you better at crossfit and golf.

17 Images By February 22, 2016


From a glass box to the Red Planet: The strange journey of a Martian-in-training

Physicist and comedian Josh Richards is ready and willing to die on Mars. But first he has to survive a see-through, mocked-up habitat in Sydney, Australia.

By February 6, 2016


Trains delayed by wrong kind of sunlight

Technically Incorrect: In Britain, there have been examples of tree leaves stopping trains. Now, however, it's malevolent rays.

By January 12, 2016


Google Fit update adds support for strength training, diet and sleep tracking

The software will also be able to display real-time information on daily activities. Android users can expect it to arrive in the coming days.

By November 19, 2015


Help wanted: Obama's tech-training project now accepting applications

Organizers of innovative training programs can now apply for a federal grant to help prepare low-wage workers for more-lucrative tech jobs.

By November 17, 2015


Nethercutt Museum and Collection: Classic cars, trains, and more (pictures)

The Nethercutt Museum and Collection in Los Angeles features over 250 American and European cars from the dawn of the automobile to modern times, along with a steam locomotive, Pullman car, mechanical musical instruments and more. Here's a photo tour.

50 Images By October 17, 2015