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Lemur BlueDriver OBD-II scan tool

For its price, the BlueDriver is a convenient tool for those who want some ability to work on and understand modern engines.

By July 24, 2014

3.5 stars Editors' rating July 24, 2014

Get a Linksys cable modem for $44.95

From the Cheapskate: It's time to stop renting! Though "certified for Comcast" this model is also compatible with most other cable providers. Plus: free video editing!

By April 29, 2016


FBI says its iPhone-cracking tool works only on the 5C

A third-party tool unlocked the iPhone 5C tied to one of the San Bernardino terrorists, but its skills apparently end there.

By April 7, 2016


Security pros rev up tools to lock down cars

Karamba is one of several companies trying to keep bad guys out of your car's software. If the security firms get it right, you won't have to worry about your car getting hacked.

By April 7, 2016


How a new NASA tool might help us find ET

The US space agency believes its "next-gen planet hunter" could give us vital information about 4,500 possible planets.

By March 30, 2016


Download this: Hands-free payments and 6 other tools you need right now (March 2016)

Hands-free mobile payments, a social network for food and five other awesome tools for your phone.

7 Images By March 24, 2016


Bob Mankoff shows off The New Yorker's new crowdsourcing tool

The magazine's longtime cartoon editor gives us a short tutorial on the voting feature and offers up a few tips on what's funny.

By March 23, 2016


Facebook activates Safety Check tool after Belgian bombings

The tool that helps people let others known they're fine is among the ways the Internet is central to the response to fatal explosions in Brussels.

By March 22, 2016


Alexa brings more smart thermostats on board -- including Nest

Amazon's new developer tools will help third parties bring new connected thermostats under Alexa's control. By the end of the month, that'll include the Nest.

By March 3, 2016


This tool will uncover anyone's email on LinkedIn

Free during the beta, Charlie's Chrome extension quickly and easily finds email addresses for LinkedIn users.

By February 11, 2016