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Systemax exec resigns, must hand over $11 million

Company, which sells tech online via TigerDirect, CompUSA, and Circuit City sites, announces the resignation of Gilbert Fiorentino, CEO of its technology products group.

By May 9, 2011


Systemax Pursuit 4155 (Intel Core Duo T2250

The Systemax Pursuit 4155 is one of the least expensive Vista Ultimate laptops we've seen, but its previous-generation components and mediocre features aren't worth buying. You can get more for your money elsewhere.

April 21, 2007

2 stars Editors' rating April 21, 2007

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Systemax Pursuit

The Systemax Pursuit 4155 pairs a competitive feature set with decent performance for the budget-minded home user.

January 19, 2007

3 stars Editors' rating January 19, 2007

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Friday Poll: Which retailer should Systemax rescue next?

The computer vendor is bringing CompUSA back to life, and now it looks like it might be doing the same for Circuit City. But why stop there, Systemax?

By April 17, 2009


Systemax Wildcat

According to its spec sheet, the Systemax Wildcat should be near the top of the benchmark heap. But our tests reveal that this gaming PC's performance is no more inspiring than its design.

May 21, 2008


Systemax launches "ruggedized" laptop

Despite its tough name, the Assault is not built to military specifications. In fact, many of its features--a magnesium alloy case, antishock design, and a spill-resistant keyboard and touch pad--can be found on corporate models from Dell and Lenovo.

By August 29, 2007


Systemax Venture VX2

It doesn't look like your typical gaming box, but fortunately the Systemax Venture VX2 also carries a price that's atypical of a gaming PC. It's one of the better-outfitted $2,000 PCs we've come across. Gamers and anyone running high-end graphics apps should take notice of this unassuming desktop.

January 17, 2007

3.5 stars Editors' rating January 17, 2007

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Systemax Sabre Core 2 Extreme X6800 2.93 GHz

The Systemax Sabre can't compete with the higher-end PC shops' design and innovation, but Systemax blows them away with its aggressive Sabre pricing. If you're a gamer or simply someone looking for a powerhouse desktop for less, this desktop is one of the best deals on the market, despite its relative lack of polish.

September 5, 2006

3.5 stars Editors' rating September 5, 2006

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Systemax Venture C2D

While the Systemax Venture C2D offers a decent set of specs for a Core 2 Duo system in this price range, serious graphics driver issues and a bad case design make us think you can do a lot better without spending much more.

August 27, 2006

2.5 stars Editors' rating August 27, 2006

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