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Slide's SuperPoke is coming to VH1

The wacky social-network application will be featuring a promotion for VH1's new series "I Love Money," and in return, select SuperPokers will have their 15 seconds of fame on the TV channel.

By June 30, 2008


PayPal co-founder Levchin leaves Google

Max Levchin walks away from the Web giant only a year after Google bought his company, Slide. Now Google plans to shutter Slide applications, including the just-launched Photovine picture-sharing service.

By August 25, 2011


Understanding what Facebook apps really know (FAQ)

An in-depth look at how much Facebook applications know about the users who opt into them, and what it means in the bigger scheme of things.

By October 25, 2010


Google vs. Facebook: Drawing the battle lines

Google's trying to hit Facebook where it hurts, and Facebook is snapping up patents that may make Google's social-media aims harder to achieve.

By August 5, 2010


Tipping cows down on the FarmVille

To encapsulate many game experts' view of wildly successful social games as mindless and repetitive, one video game theorist has created the purposely inane "Cow Clicker" as a statement.

By July 26, 2010


Debating the merits of Apple's iPad

CNET writers Ina Fried and Josh Lowensohn hash out some of the pressing issues about the iPad: its merits, its faults, and what to look forward to in future iterations.

By January 28, 2010


LinkedIn's well-groomed app platform goes live

Want to SuperPoke your friends? Nope, not here. The apps on LinkedIn's platform are strictly business, can't host external ads, and have to go through a lengthy approval process to get on the site.

By October 28, 2008


Slide adds CBS, Comcast, Time Warner to its friends list

Start-up plans to announce a new deal that would bring major media companies' videos directly to social-networking sites, according to a report.

By September 30, 2008


O'Reilly: Stop throwing sheep, do something worthy

In his keynote address at the Web 2.0 Expo, conference czar encourages audience to stop focusing on goofy social-networking applications and instead work to change the world.

By September 18, 2008


Facebook suspends app that permitted peephole

Holes in Facebook had allowed anyone to see your birthday, relationship status, gender, and other personal information on the Top Friends application.

By June 26, 2008