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VMWare, SpringSource to revolutionize Java development

With VMWare's acquisition of SpringSource, Java's relevance to cloud application development has never seemed stronger. However, the real story here is how application deployment and operations may be made much more developer friendly.

By August 12, 2009


VMware puts squeeze on Red Hat with SpringSource buy

The $420 million acquisition makes a true application lifecycle powerhouse, extending SpringSource's Java application tech to the cloud and virtualized environments.

By August 10, 2009


How SpringSource is taking on Java Goliaths

It's a common myth that open source can't innovate, but open-source Java company SpringSource proves that open source can lead an industry, not follow it.

By July 30, 2009


SpringSource and MindTouch seek to redefine the application server

The traditional "application server" category is being shaken up by new entrants SpringSource and MindTouch.

By July 23, 2009


SpringSource acquires Hyperic, with eye to take on IBM, Microsoft

The open-source leader in Java development has acquired IT management vendor Hyperic, a move that signals a new phase of commercial open-source competition.

By May 4, 2009


Apache and SpringSource nix Sun's Java vote

Sun wants to control Java, but this may be inimical to the open-source community's own plans for Java.

By March 5, 2009


MuleSource names SpringSource exec as new CEO

The company behind the top open-source enterprise service bus continues the tradition of pilfering from its peers' executive ranks, grabbing marketing pro Greg Schott.

By February 23, 2009


SpringSource, Canonical, and MySQL join Red Hat on Microsoft's hit list

Microsoft's recent 10-K reveals that the software giant still views open source as more foe than friend.

By August 4, 2009


Sign that open source has arrived: SpringSource elected to JCP

Open source is increasingly keeping exceptional company.

By November 3, 2008


Executive moves: Rob Bearden heads to SpringSource

Erstwhile JBoss COO has done much to improve the open-source business world, and continues that now at SpringSource.

By September 29, 2008