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#MoreThanMean spotlights the vile online insults some women endure

In a video, two female sports reporters show social media's nasty side when it comes to women in a male-dominated field.

By April 27, 2016


Computer-generated child helps spotlight kids in crisis

UNICEF Sweden finds a creative way to put a face to a worldwide emergency -- morph images of children in crisis into one virtual girl named Sofia.

By April 14, 2016


Where to find the Windows Spotlight photos

Grab Windows 10's pretty lock screen images for your desktop background.

By March 21, 2016


Make people jealous of your lock screen with Windows Spotlight

Want a new, beautiful image every time you unlock your device? Windows 10 has you covered.

By March 21, 2016


Discover Spotlight's new talents in OS X El Capitan

Spotlight has some new tricks up its sleeve, making the OS X search agent that much more powerful with El Capitan.

By September 30, 2015


Shining a spotlight on Samsung's new security camera (pictures)

Samsung's latest security camera offers 1080p, night vision, motion and sound alerts, local storage and more.

5 Images By November 18, 2015


Spotlight on digital rights as full Trans-Pacific Partnership text finally revealed

After years of secret closed-door negotiations, the full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership has finally been revealed, shedding light on how the technology world will change under the massive trade deal.

By November 5, 2015


New Galapagos giant tortoise crawls into science spotlight

Researchers are surprised to discover a group of giant tortoises on a Galapagos island are a completely separate species.

By October 22, 2015


Twitter's new Moments spotlights events as they unfold

Moments directs users to curated collections of tweets and discussions taking place across the social network. The feature could be the most important product update in Twitter's history.

By October 6, 2015


Microsoft spotlights 'Windows 10 eligible' smartphones

Which current Windows Phone handsets will support Windows 10? Microsoft points out a few on its website. Several don't make the cut, though that doesn't mean they're out of the running.

By September 14, 2015