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Sampo PME-42S6

This is a reasonably good performer at an extremely competitive price.

By June 6, 2003

2.5 stars Editors' rating June 6, 2003

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Sampo PME-X6

This set is a decent performer, as far as plasma goes, with a very competitive price.

By May 20, 2003

2.5 stars Editors' rating May 20, 2003

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Sampo PME-42V3

If you need a thin TV at a low price, this model will do. But rear-projection sets give you a better picture in a larger package.

By July 12, 2001

2.5 stars Editors' rating July 12, 2001

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New worm's got sass, but not much else

The latest worm could spread widely, but security experts believe that computer users got lucky because the program is poorly coded.

By May 3, 2004


Wal-Mart makes room for thin TVs

The retailing giant is in the midst of expanding its selection of LCD TVs, plasma TVs and other types of digital sets.

By March 15, 2004


Taiwan surges into LCD TVs

Taiwanese companies are accelerating efforts to manufacture televisions using LCD screens. "Digital TVs will be larger than our notebook business," one executive says.

By September 26, 2003


Nokia banks on mobile banking

The handset maker partners up on software that lets financial institutions offer mobile-phone access to accounts. But despite customer demand, the banks may not be buying.

By November 29, 2001


ThunderHawk microbrowser takes flight

A new browser for wireless devices is taking flight, making creator Bitstream the latest company to provide a PC-style Web browsing experience on mobile devices.

By June 7, 2001


Net TVs may get boxed in

As the convergence between television and the Internet creates Net-ready TV sets, some analysts say the set-top box may disappear.

November 17, 1997


Notebook arena gets two more players

Two Taiwanese manufacturers will enter the burgeoning notebook PC market.

July 18, 1997