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NASA images show equivalent of 689,290 dust-filled semis moving from Sahara to Amazon

A new report and video show how dust from an ancient lakebed in Africa is critical to plant growth on another continent.

By February 26, 2015


NASA: Earth may be buzzed by an asteroid in March

There's little data on asteroid 2013 TX68, leaving doomsayers predicting a cataclysmic collision. But the space agency is far less concerned.

By February 3, 2016


Green news harvest: Trash-to-electricity, a Sahara-to-EU 'supergrid'

Inverter maker Xantrex gets bought for about $500 million; Rocky Mountain Institute argues for a portfolio approach to renewables;first coal-to-liquids plant in the U.S.; why clean-tech VC take a shine to Obama; Postal Service looks to alt fuels.

By July 29, 2008


Cascade buys ATM help

Looking to broaden its reach into the ATM market, Cascade Communications will acquire Sahara Networks in a $212.8 million stock deal.

By January 3, 1997


From silicon to silicone

AdultDex gets no respect. On its own for the second year since it was kicked out of the main Comdex convention, it is reduced to hawking its wares in a couple of grimy rooms in the Sahara.

November 20, 1996