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Robonaut becomes 1st humanoid robot in space

What could go wrong by putting a 330-pound humanoid robot on the International Space Station? Decades of science fiction stories can't be insanely far-fetched.

By February 24, 2011


Robonaut 2 to meddle in Super Bowl pregame

NASA's humanoid bot will join Howie Long on the Fox Pregame Show to predict the Super Bowl MVP.

By February 4, 2011


NASA's Robonaut 2 to launch in special space case

The humanoid robot set to join the STS-133 mission on the space shuttle Discovery will be enclosed in specially constructed packaging called Sleepr (Structural Launch Enclosure to Effectively Protect Robonaut).

By August 13, 2010


Robonaut 2 ready for International Space Station

GM and NASA plan to launch R2 humanoid robot this September to test how well it works alongside astronauts and in the rigors of outer space.

By April 14, 2010


Robonaut 2: The offspring of GM and NASA

The humanoid handyman is expected to be equally comfortable working the assembly line in Detroit and puttering around a spacecraft headed far, far away.

By February 4, 2010


NASA, GM unveil Robonaut 2 (photos)

The updated humanoid robot is handy with tools and 20-pound weights, and ready to work on the assembly line or in outer space.

7 Images February 4, 2010


Astronaut and robot shake hands in space

In a world first, the commander of the International Space Station, last seen on "American Idol," shakes hands with a humanoid robot, whose handshake he calls "firm."

By February 15, 2012


SpaceX launches Falcon 9 rocket carrying crucial cargo to ISS

After numerous delays, the space transport company sends its Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft into orbit to carry cargo to the International Space Station. Next up: get that rocket back.

By April 18, 2014


NASA unveils 6-foot 'superhero robot' Valkyrie

Designed to compete in the DARPA Robotics Challenge, this "female" robot could be the precursor to robo-astronauts that will help colonize Mars.

By December 10, 2013


NASA exoskeleton suit is half way to Iron Man

Iron Man's suit may be the most famous exoskeleton in the world right now, but NASA is giving it some real-life competition with the X1 Robotic Exoskeleton.

By October 15, 2012