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Warcraft gamers to get 'Real ID'

Blizzard will implement a new voluntary social-network system that lets online games know the real identity of their in-game playmates.

By June 15, 2010


Homeland Security bows to Real ID outcry

Obama administration blinks and extends Real ID deadline to January 2013, after dozens of states protest the requirements of the controversial law.

By March 5, 2011


House Republicans attempt to revive Real ID

GOP leaders want "immediate" implementation of controversial ID plan that would make it more difficult for many Americans to travel by air or enter federal buildings.

By March 3, 2011


Blizzard Real ID system sparks controversy

Blizzard fans expressing privacy concerns--as well as those dismissing such worries--have flocked to the company's still-anonymous official forums to sound off on new identification system.

By July 8, 2010


State Real ID rebellion: Here to stay?

Officials representing two states that have rejected the plan rally for other opponents to raise their voices and stop the next administration from enforcing the contentious ID card rules.

By May 7, 2008


Senators, states beat up on Real ID plans

Homeland Security has postponed rollout of the new driver's license standards, but some politicians worried about cost and privacy still favor killing the controversial law.

By April 29, 2008


Homeland Security blinks on Real ID: No hassles on May 11

By giving Maine a thumbs up, even though the state has flatly rejected Real ID, Homeland Security backed down from an expected fight over national ID cards next month.

By April 2, 2008


California takes small step away from Real ID

Nation's most populous state has, for the most part, been a supporter of federalized drivers licenses and the Real ID Act. Now this may change.

By March 11, 2008


DHS: Real ID is 'pro-consumer' and 'antiterrorism'

Homeland Security is pushing states "pretty hard" to adopt the controversial driver's license standards but "pushback" remains, says assistant secretary Stewart Baker.

By March 4, 2008


States say no (and yes) to Real ID before May deadline

Even though some states like Oklahoma have sworn not to adopt the controversial Real ID Act, they're still asking for a compliance extension. Why?

By March 4, 2008