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Microsoft Excel 2007 RTM

Excel 2007's radical overhaul is attractive if you depend upon spreadsheets that can display data patterns visually with charts and conditional formatting. Plus, the new interface places formulas and other number-crunching tools within easy reach.

By November 15, 2006

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Microsoft plots Windows 10 blitz for July 29 launch

Microsoft's multimillion-dollar Windows 10 ad and marketing campaign will focus on an "upgrading the world" theme.

By July 13, 2015


Windows 10 likely to land at PC makers this week

Microsoft is in the final phase of preparation ahead of the July 29 launch date for the next big update to its marquee software.

By July 6, 2015


Skype for Windows touch-first app loses out to desktop alternative

As it prepares for the release of Windows 10, Microsoft will migrate users of its Modern/Windows Store version of Skype for Windows to the Desktop version of the product, starting July 7.

By June 11, 2015


Windows 10 may head to PC makers in July

So says Russian leaker Wzor. If that's the case, the consumer version will have to be finalized quickly to accord with Microsoft's promise of a summer release.

By May 28, 2015


Using Windows 8.1? It's time to get the update

On Tuesday, Microsoft will make Windows 8.1 Update available. To continue to get patches, 8.1 users need to move to it soon.

By April 7, 2014


Windows 8 RTM sees Microsoft hit the home stretch

Windows 8 RTM software is ready to go out to manufacturers ahead of the October public launch.

By August 2, 2012


Windows 8 enters RTM phase right on schedule

Microsoft announced today that its next Windows milestone has been released to manufacturing (RTM), hitting its previously announced "first week of August" schedule.

By August 1, 2012


Windows 8.1 update reportedly hits final stage

Microsoft pushes the spring update for Windows 8.1 into RTM mode and sends it to PC partners, according to The Verge and Russian leaker Wzor.

By March 4, 2014


Windows 8 takes big RTM step toward consumers

Microsoft's Windows 8 development is done, and the OS is off to PC makers. Some users will be able to get the final bits within days. Also RTM'd: Windows Server 2012, Visual Studio 2012, and IE10.

By August 1, 2012