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Poll: What's the worst audio format?

It's very much a personal choice: is it the MP3, the analog cassette...or maybe the LP?

By Mar. 1, 2014


Friday Poll: Should Bitcoin be banned?

A senator calls for a US ban on Bitcoin, calling the currency "disruptive." Would you like to see a cryptocurrency crackdown, or are you on the Bitcoin bandwagon?

By Feb. 28, 2014


Poll: What's your favorite audio format?

Many, but not all, audiophiles are hard-core vinyl devotees, some are perfectly happy with FLAC files, and millions groove to iTunes. What's your choice?

By Mar. 16, 2014


Friday Poll: Is BlackBerry done?

With job cuts, financial losses, and competition woes, the future is looking rough for BlackBerry. In your eyes, what's ahead for the company?

By Oct. 4, 2013


Friday Poll: Will you buy a Samsung Galaxy S5?

Samsung is expected to officially usher in the Galaxy S5 at Mobile World Congress on Monday. Is your pocketbook already open for it?

By Feb. 21, 2014


Poll: Live vs. recorded music -- what's better?

As always, opinions vary, but what's your preference?

By Feb. 16, 2014


Friday Poll: Got your eye on an iPad?

iPad Day is almost upon us. Will you be springing for a new Apple tablet? If so, which one?

By Apr. 2, 2010


Friday Poll: Much ado about 4G?

The CTIA conference this week has been highlighting the coming of fourth-generation wireless connectivity. Are the States ready for 4G, or is it just carrier hype?

By Mar. 26, 2010


Friday Poll: How careful are you about passwords?

We're constantly reminded of the need for strong passwords, but not everybody is listening. How good (or not so good) is your own password behavior these days?

By Jan. 24, 2014


Friday Poll: What brought the heat at CES 2014?

Wearables, home automation, 4K everywhere, and more: what's your final takeaway from this year's tech-stravaganza?

By Jan. 10, 2014