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Where did Planet Nine come from?

There's a mysterious ninth planet orbiting unseen in the far reaches in our solar system, and it's baffling scientists.

By May 4, 2016


Pluto's glowing crescent on full display in fresh NASA image

NASA's New Horizons looked back after its Pluto flyby and saw this stunning view of the dwarf planet's radiant crescent backlit by the sun.

By October 30, 2015


Pluto's weird surface has puzzling pitted terrain

Pluto's surface is totally the pits in a new NASA image showing odd formations of dimples, troughs and curved indentations.

By October 19, 2015


'Spider' on Pluto reaches icy legs across a bizarre landscape

NASA scientists marvel at an unusual surface feature seen on Pluto and speculate on its origins.

By April 8, 2016


Frozen lake on Pluto not ideal for ice skating

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft snaps a photo of what may be a scenic frozen lake on Pluto. The image hints at flowing liquids in the dwarf planet's distant past.

By March 28, 2016


See Pluto's moon Charon in gorgeous NASA color image

Charon looks sharp in a freshly released New Horizons image showing the moon in enhanced color.

By October 1, 2015


Fly over Pluto's moon Charon in spectacular style

Video made of processed images from the New Horizons Pluto flyby shows what it would be like to have a close encounter with Charon.

By September 28, 2015


9 crazy things we learned about Pluto in the past year

The former ninth planet isn't just a frozen rock. We now know it has snow, blue skies and of course, a lot of heart.

9 Images By March 18, 2016


Bundle up, travelers. It's snowing methane on Pluto

NASA reports on a chain of "exotic snowcapped mountains" on Pluto, but it's not a place you'd want to go skiing.

By March 4, 2016


NASA peeks at possible ice volcano on Pluto

The New Horizons spacecraft delivers a closer look at what might be a dramatic ice volcano on the surface of Pluto.

By January 15, 2016