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iPhone 5 rumor roundup

The iPhone 5 rumors culminated today, 12 September, with Apple's announcement of the iPhone 5 with bigger screen and 4G LTE. Read CNET's iPhone 5 coverage.

By September 11, 2012


How to self-publish an ebook

Interested in self-publishing an e-book? CNET Executive Editor David Carnoy offers some basic tips for e-book publishing and lays out your best options for publishing quickly and easily.

By June 1, 2012


Platlas: The world's first social-platform atlas

New graphical tool shows everything you can do on Facebook, and soon other social networks as well.

By September 22, 2011


Posterous blogging platform gets more social

Posterous Spaces, an update to the dead simple blogging tool, gets a fully capable mobile app and modern sharing tools.

By September 12, 2011


PlayStation 4 could be 'future platform' in development at Sony

Sony could be working on a successor to the PlayStation 3. In a call with investors, a high-level Sony exec mentioned that work on a "future platform" is "already under way".

By May 31, 2011


Tendril opens smart-grid platform to more developers

Cloud platform compatible with wide variety of devices, including Android and iOS, will enable developers to reach wide group of customers as well as utilities and energy service providers.

By August 24, 2011


GM wants fewer platforms, more efficient launches

Automotive News reports on GM plans to reduce its automotive platforms in half by 2018, thereby cutting costs related to manufacturing.

By August 18, 2011


Facebook unveils revamp to games platform

Social network announces changes to its gaming system it says will make games easier to find and play.

By August 11, 2011


Analyst: Future Mac, iPhone on unified platform

Analyst at Jefferies & Company spells out his vision of Apple's future in a research note that touches on all of the marquee issues for Apple in 2012 and beyond.

By August 3, 2011


WIMM launches platform for smart watches

Taiwan hardware maker Foxconn invests in start-up and manufacturers its Android-powered watch modules.

By August 3, 2011