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Pinnacle Studio video-editing app comes to iPhone

This desktop staple has long been available for iPad, but now iPhone users can turn clips into polished movies with ease.

By Apr. 17, 2014


Huawei Pinnacle (MetroPCS)

On the strength of its budget price, its user interface, and its tools, the Huawei Pinnacle is a good choice for those who plan to use the phone primarily for texting and personal organization. However, some flaws, like mediocre call quality, cast a shadow on this QWERTY cell phone.

Mar. 22, 2012

3 stars Editors' rating Mar. 22, 2012

Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901

The Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 is a well-designed, compact multifunction printer, and its low cost per page helps it earn our recommendation for those who can stomach slower print speeds.

May. 26, 2011

3.5 stars Editors' rating May. 26, 2011

Create and edit iPad video for free with Pinnacle Studio 2.0

Whether it's vacation video or serious moviemaking, this impressive app gives you the tools to add titles, transitions, music, and more.

By Aug. 31, 2012


Huawei Pinnacle review: Personality, and one big flaw

Kudos to Huawei for imbuing its Pinnacle with some character. Too bad one major pitfall threatens to ruin all the good work.

By Mar. 23, 2012


Huawei Pinnacle (MetroPCS)

The Huawei Pinnacle is a fun-to-use QWERTY feature phone that comes at a sweet price and contains more tools than you'd expect.

By Mar. 23, 2012


Huawei Pinnacle (photos)

MetroPCS' Huawei Pinnacle has a great design and useful tools, plus it's only $20. However, call quality and speed are weak spots.

7 Images Mar. 22, 2012


Pinnacle engine: Two pistons, one explosion

A small company called Pinnacle Engines wants to radically change the internal combustion engine. Instead of a cylinder head, combustion pushes two cylinders away from each other in the same cylinder, leading to more efficiency.

By Dec. 15, 2011


Pinnacle Engines gets $13.5 million infusion for ultra-efficient combustion engine development

Pinnacle Engines revealed its new four-stroke engine design for 2013. The company has also received $13.5 million in venture investments.

By Apr. 4, 2011


Pinnacle PCTV To Go HD Wireless

The combination of built-in wireless and limited Windows Media Center integration makes the Pinnacle PCTV To Go HD Wireless one of the more promising Slingbox competitors for advanced users.

Apr. 25, 2007

3.5 stars Editors' rating Apr. 25, 2007

MSRP: $249.99