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President takes on patent trolls, pushes for 'smarter patent laws'

Obama issues five executive actions and seven legislative recommendations to tackle companies that sue only for the sake of revenue-generation.

By June 4, 2013


Apple seeks patent to beef up mobile-device battery life

A newly published patent application describes how your mobile device can chew up less battery power depending on your habits, location, and other factors.

By July 25, 2013


Apple dual-sensor patent could yield better iPhone photos

The newly awarded patent highlights a method to avoid many of the flaws that sabotage photos taken through today's mobile devices.

By July 23, 2013


Eolas' 'Interactive Web' patents invalid, appeals court affirms

The patents were used to extract hundreds of millions from tech companies online video streaming and search results suggestions.

By July 22, 2013


Apple seeks to bulk up on security with fingerprint patent

The company's patent application, published Thursday, shows how the iPhone's display could be used as a fingerprint sensor for additional security.

By July 18, 2013


Bill Gates on education, patents, Microsoft Bob, and disease

Speaking at Microsoft's Faculty Summit Monday, Gates took questions from an audience of researchers about the work of his foundation and other topics.

By July 15, 2013


Apple hit by patent suit from Boston University

The suit alleges that Apple has violated a patent held by one of the school's computer engineering professors.

By July 3, 2013


Apple wins patent on opaque-to-transparent bezel tech

The company's patent will hide portions of a device's display until it's actually needed.

By July 2, 2013


Apple patent eyes dual-sided trackpad for MacBook

A newly awarded patent describes a touch-sensitive trackpad panel that could replace a traditional trackpad on a MacBook or other device.

By June 25, 2013


ITC launches pilot program to cut down on patent troll suits

A new program will soon require companies to prove they have well-established U.S. production, licensing, and research before being able to bring a patent case before the commission.

By June 24, 2013