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Why iBooks is a better file manager than e-book reader

Save, organize and sync your PDFs in iBooks for iOS.

By March 25, 2016


A (slightly) brighter future for women in tech

Young women in the tech industry face a lot of challenges, but they also see opportunities to advance, according to a survey from Pluralsight and Women Who Code.

By April 14, 2016


It's time to toss your paper owner's manuals

Why keep a file of printed manuals when you can quickly find them online?

By March 24, 2016


Seeing eye phone: Giving independence to the blind

From CNET Magazine: Apple's iPhone software is helping people with limited or no sight navigate around town and across the Internet.

By March 25, 2016


The 19th century women who catalogued the cosmos

Called the Harvard Computers, a team of women in the 19th century catalogued the stars and developed systems that are still in use today.

By March 7, 2016


How to export a PDF using 3D Touch

This is one tip that's not obvious, but oh so useful once you know about it.

By February 25, 2016


Researchers claim they've hacked their way past SimpliSafe home security

A device that cost $250 to build was able to record and replay a SimpliSafe system's disarm codes, says a security research firm.

By February 17, 2016


Open nearly any file type right in Chrome with Docs Online Viewer

This Chrome extension saves you from having to download files and open them in with another app.

By January 28, 2016


Office for iPad sucks at exporting PDFs, so use IFTTT to make it better

Route your PDFs to the cloud service of your choice using this recipe for success.

By August 8, 2014


Remove metadata from Office files, PDFs, and images

Make sure you're not communicating more than you intend to when sharing files and uploading images by excising some of the data about your data.

By May 16, 2014