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Modern Santa sleigh stocked with rocket boosters, GPS

It's about time Santa emerged from the dark ages of sleigh technology and embraced a high-tech, gadget-filled sleigh built for speed and comfort.

By December 15, 2014


Santa Claus is coming to town on a 1.0-liter EcoBoost fitted Ford sleigh

Ford reveals a "green" concept sleigh design for Santa Claus. Depending on how you look at it, the EcoBoost engine would give the reindeer a much-needed break--or put them out of a job.

By December 23, 2011


Siri helps Santa fill stockings in festive Apple ad

Santa Claus is coming to town... with the help of his Apple iPhone 4S and Siri.

By December 19, 2011


New Apple ad says Siri-reliant Santa is a slob

A new Apple ad, one that doesn't even mention the iPhone 4S, shows Santa relying on Siri as his one, indispensable little helper.

By December 18, 2011


Santa's green sleigh of the future

General Electric is using the holiday season to showcase real-world technology with a green bent under development at GE labs.

By December 17, 2009


Download dozens of free holiday MP3s

What Christmas playlist is complete without Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's rendition of "Mr. Heatmiser"? That's just one of many freebies you can score from Amazon.

By December 5, 2009


2HRS2GO: A Christmas wish list

February 7, 2001


The year in rewind: It wasn't too kind

'Twas the night before Christmas, and drunk at their trough, were the e-commerce reindeer who'd just been laid off.

December 26, 2000