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MPEG LA offers patent license for 3D video

Building the MVC technology for 3D video into a Blu-ray player will cost 10 cents per device, and selling discs costs a penny a pop, according to newly released licensing terms.

By February 25, 2012


Sony Mavica MVC CD300

The CD300 stands out for its mini CD-R and CD-RW support but suffers performance drawbacks.

By August 1, 2001

3 stars Editors' rating August 1, 2001

This product is not currently available.  Click here for Sony's latest offerings


Microsoft hires more open-source DNA, will integrate MPL code into its MVC product

The software giant is going to be shipping MPL code with its MVC platform. This is progress.

By October 30, 2007


Sony adds Memory Stick to Mavica line

Sony is boosting Memory Stick's profile by incorporating its use into its Mavica line of digital cameras. On Monday, Sony introduced three Mavica cameras with Memory Stick capabilities, the MVC-FD87, MVC-FD92 and MVC-FD97. The latter two can use Memory Stick internally. The MVC-FD87 supports Memory Stick through an optional adapter. All three can also use floppy disks for storage. The cameras, which range in price from $400 to $900, will start appearing this month. A Memory Stick allows Mavica owners to store more pictures than a floppy disk. Memory Stick, Sony's standard for flash memory that looks a stick of gum, comes in five capacities, ranging from 8MB to 128MB. They cost $30 to $280, respectively.

By February 12, 2001


Short Take: Sony camera to use CD-R for storage

Cirrus Logic announced Sony has adopted its CR3465 encoder/decoder chip for recordable CD (CD-R) drives to power the first digital still camera to use CD-R media. The Sony Mavica MVC-CD-1000 camera will store images on special 3-inch CD-R discs that hold 156 MB of data.

By August 8, 2000


Short Take: Sony announces CD-R digital camera

Sony Electronics announced the first digital still camera to use CD-Recordable (CD-R) discs for storage. The Mavica MVC-CD1000 camera uses a high-capacity 156-MB, 3 1/2-inch CD-R that can be used in most PCs equipped with a CD drive. Each disc can hold up to 160 images at the highest resolution. The camera also has a 10x zoom lens and a color LCD viewer. Expected retail price is $1,300.

By June 13, 2000