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Livescribe Echo

For students and professionals who ritually take, review, and share handwritten notes, the Echo smartpen does what all great technology should do: it makes life easier.

August 12, 2010

3.5 stars Editors' rating August 12, 2010

Road Trip gadgets: MacBook Pro, Nikon D5000, LiveScribe Pulse

Having written dozens of stories, taken thousands of pictures, and conducted countless interviews, reporter credits a few key devices for making trip easier.

By July 20, 2009


New Livescribe pen goes iPhone and iPad only

The Livescribe 3 "smartpen" dumps in-built audio recording and now only syncs with iOS 7 devices.

By October 29, 2013


Livescribe 3 sends handwritten notes straight to your iPhone or iPad

This pen is definitely mightier than the stylus, as it gives you real-world note-taking coupled with mobile device world syncing.

By October 29, 2013


One on One: Donald and the Livescribe Echo

Donald tells us about the Livescribe Echo.

By August 19, 2010


Crave giveaway: Livescribe Echo smartpen

For this week's giveaway we're serving up a special-edition Echo smartpen courtesy of the folks at Livescribe.

By February 18, 2011


Microsoft OneNote comes to Android tablets for free

Latest version of OneNote for Android is optimized for tablets and adds support for handwritten notes and text formatting.

By August 19, 2014


Do you need a computer in your pen?

Livescribe continues to improve the electric pen.

By May 29, 2007


Livescribe adds smartphone and social sharing

Livescribe has updated its desktop software, and now lets users share their pencasts with a range of social media sites, smartphones, email accounts and Google Docs.

By May 26, 2011


Livescribe Echo

The Livescribe Echo is a ballpoint pen and voice recorder combination that preserves digital copies of your notes and recordings, perfect for students and professionals.

By August 17, 2010