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Stir Kinetic Desk

The Stir Kinetic Desk doesn't come cheap but this $3,890 motorized work surface converts on its own between standing and sitting positions. It also has the smarts to suggest when you should sit and take a break or get back on your feet.

By Nov. 22, 2013

MSRP: $3,890.00


Meet the breathtaking Kinetic Rain sculpture

Located at Singapore's Changi airport and made up of 608 bronze droplets, the piece reshapes itself into various three-dimensional forms.

By Jul. 6, 2012


Nokia Kinetic is a bendy concept phone

Phone giant Nokia has crafted a weird new kind of phone, where you control the on-screen action by bending the device itself.

By Oct. 27, 2011


Nokia's flexible, kinetic device interface (photos)

Here's a look at the flexible device from Finnish mobile phone company. It's controlled by twisting and bowing the device.

5 Images By Oct. 26, 2011


Ford Evos concept: Smoother than kinetic (photos)

Unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt auto show, the Ford Evos concept showed off new design language, along with a host of other technologies. The concept is meant to present a unified vision of Ford vehicles going forward.

7 Images By Sep. 13, 2011


Separated at birth: Microsoft Kinect and Sony Kinetic?

Some gamers are finding it a little odd that Microsoft would choose Kinect for the brand name of its new motion-sensing technology platform since Sony had a similarly named PS2 EyeToy product called Kinetic.

By Jun. 14, 2010


nPower PEG kinetic phone charger generates power, and awkward glances

The need for a power boost on the move can lead a man to do many desperate things. But is anyone desperate enough to publicly charge up the nPower PEG?

By Jan. 5, 2011


Want some kinetic energy with those fries?

A Burger King in Hillside, N.J., will install a speed bump designed to harness the kinetic energy produced by the hundreds of cars that pass though the drive-thru each day.

By Jul. 8, 2009


Blinging kinetic Chairman phone apparently not a wind-up

Forget touch screens--the true cutting edge in this mobile phone from Ulysse Nardin is 163-year-old watch technology.

By Mar. 6, 2009


Atlas Kinetic phone forces you to move

This concept would be powered by the body's movement.

By Feb. 19, 2008