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Jeremy Clarkson's real role with Amazon: Pitchman

Technically Incorrect: Some wondered whether Amazon was overpaying for the boorish Brit "Top Gear" presenter and his friends. But he's already appeared in two Amazon ads. Might there be more?

By November 30, 2015


In Amazon ad, ex 'Top Gear' host Jeremy Clarkson sticks it to the BBC

After his exit from the BBC car show, Amazon's new hire mocks his former employer as he advertises the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

By October 30, 2015


Welcome to VR Day at CNET HQ

Want to see what all the hype around virtual reality is about? We're opening CNET's headquarters in San Francisco so you can find out for yourself!

By April 1, 2016


CNET's Tech Today app: One tap, 10 top stories

TLDR: We've built an incredible new iPhone app to help you keep on top of the ever-changing world of technology. It's called Tech Today, and you should download it right now.

By March 3, 2016


Mirror's Edge Catalyst dev explains why abilities are locked

DICE says new system helps people free-run better as Faith.

By April 15, 2016


Why guns are gone for good in Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Developer DICE knows what you want; everything you loved about the original, minus the frustrations.

By April 14, 2016


Everything coming and going on Netflix for April 2016

Netflix has so much new great content in April, you won't even care what's leaving.

By March 22, 2016


How to design the most popular card game in the world

Magic: The Gathering's head designer and art director talk with CNET about the gold standard of card games, breaking their own rules and fans who act like Star Trek villains.

By April 12, 2016


When can I live in virtual reality?

Podcast: Virtual reality is more awesome than we thought and why Jeremy has 'roid rage. Plus, Book Club begins and we choose what we're going to read for the next week.

By April 1, 2016