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Digital storage basics, Part 1: Internal storage vs. memory

CNET editor Dong Ngo goes over the basics of digital storage devices for home users.

By November 7, 2012


Want a new flash memory card format?

A standards group hopes to develop a memory card format called UFS. It'll face some obstacles getting to market, but may succeed embedded in mobile phones.

By January 14, 2011


Kingston gets XMP for its DDR3

1,066MHz DDR3 CL5 Kingston SO-DIMMs ready for your laptop...if you have one it'll work in.

By April 9, 2009


Eying solid-state drives, Seagate tries to quell fears

The largest hard-disk drive maker in the world is turning its attention for the first time to solid-state drives. Of course, it faces plenty of competition in the SSD market.

By October 9, 2008


Nvidia, AMD stances differ on new memory technology

While AMD is touting GDDR5 for its next-generation graphics products, Nvidia is being more circumspect.

By May 21, 2008


RAMBUS: The battle over hold-ups in industry standard setting

In the past two weeks, two new decisions have issued in the Rambus line of cases. The litigation involving Rambus's participation in standard setting for next generation DRAM technology, and Rambus's subsequent attempt to hold up the industry, has had a

By April 30, 2008


Thanks, Rambus

Glaskowsky offers a tribute to Rambus, which has done so much for the community of computer-industry pundits.

By March 31, 2008


Rambus wins latest legal round, beats back fraud claims

Rambus has prevailed once again in a case claiming it obtained crucial patents on memory technology through fraudulent means, which could set the stage for future royalties.

By March 26, 2008


FTC sets limits on Rambus royalties

Memory chipmaker ordered to cut back size of royalties on DRAM technology; Rambus plans to appeal.

By February 5, 2007


FTC: Rambus monopolized memory chip market

In addition, commissioners say, the company withheld "highly material" information needed by a key standards group.

By August 2, 2006