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US Web sites go idle amid government shutdown (pictures)

With Congress unable to work out a deal to keep America's doors open, sites for government agencies -- from parks to museums to the NSA -- sit idle. Here's a sampling.

12 Images By Oct. 1, 2013


Find articles to read during idle moments with Readtime

Got 5 minutes to spare? Readtime for iOS queues up articles from Readability, delivering those whose length match the amount of time you tell it you have.

By Oct. 18, 2012


Netflix, Instagram, Pinterest, BBM go down, thumbs go idle

The severe storms that battered the US took out a host of web services this weekend.

By Jun. 30, 2012


Automatically run tasks when idle in Windows

Want to run a program only when you're away from your desk? Wish you could automatically mute your speakers when you're not around? On today's Tekzilla Daily, Veronica shows you System Silencer, which can do all that and more.

Aug. 2, 2010


New life for those idle cremains

Looking for a better way to memorialize your loved ones? Get photo prints with their ashes mixed in.

By Nov. 1, 2007


Idle LANs: Three nonaltruistic ways to use your PC's spare capacity

Wuala, Crashplan, and Gomez: Three ways to save money, if not the planet.

By Aug. 14, 2008


Correction: Federal shutdown

The final slide has been removed. The USAjobs.gov site is up and has not been affected by the federal shutdown.

By Oct. 2, 2013


Google Barge arriving in Stockton this morning

The floating showroom leaves its original home alongside Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay and heads to the Port of Stockton, where Google is said to have signed a six-month lease.

By Mar. 6, 2014


Job board for furloughed workers springs up online

Unfurlough.US was built in just 5 hours, and went live Thursday to help workers caught in the political crossfire of the government shutdown find some freelance gigs.

By Oct. 4, 2013


Hands-on with the Nomad ChargeKey Lightning cable

This keychain-friendly cable goes where you go for convenient charging and syncing of your iDevice. A Micro-USB version is in the works as well.

By Jan. 3, 2014