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Yahoo enables default HTTPS encryption for Yahoo Mail

Web portal now using 2,048-bit encryption keys to protect e-mail users' communication.

By Jan. 7, 2014


Facebook migrates everyone to https connection

The social network attempts to protect members en masse by establishing a more secure connection between their browser and Facebook's servers.

By Jul. 31, 2013


Troubleshooting HTTPS timeouts in OS X Mountain Lion

The MTU handling in OS X Mountain Lion may not work with the configuration for some Web servers, and might need to be adjusted.

By Jan. 9, 2013


Apple's switch to HTTPS thwarts Chinese censors

Using the secure protocol for its online App Store prevents censors from blocking access to VPN apps and other sensitive programs -- though maybe not for long.

By Dec. 21, 2012


Facebook HTTPS: False sense of security?

The social network's new encryption setting doesn't work with games and other apps, and it won't protect against the increasing number of malware attacks targeting Facebook users.

By Feb. 4, 2011


Twitter adds option to always use HTTPS

Trying to give users tighter security, especially over unprotected Wi-Fi connections, Twitter has added an option to enable HTTPS as the default setting.

By Mar. 16, 2011


Firefox 3: Expand the Site Identification button on HTTPS pages

Yet another way to insure you're always aware of encrypted HTTPS web pages

By Jun. 21, 2008


Troubleshooting Safari 1.0 (#4): Lack of a "Mail" button solution; No HTTPS behind a Firewall; Permissions; more

Troubleshooting Safari 1.0 (#4): Lack of a "Mail" button solution; No HTTPS behind a Firewall; Permissions; more

By Jun. 26, 2003


CNET's 3rd Dimension Sweeps

Enter for a chance to win* the MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer and supplies!

By Apr. 16, 2014


CNET's social media team for Mobile World Congress 2014

The year's biggest smartphone party starts this weekend and CNET will be out in force to cover the action. Here's everyone that you need to follow on Twitter to read the news as soon as it breaks.

By Feb. 20, 2014