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Canon PowerShot G11

Though it doesn't offer the whizziest new features like an interchangeable lens or a tiny size, the Canon PowerShot G11 still delivers a good shooting experience for photography enthusiasts. Plus it's the only model that includes an optical viewfinder.

By December 17, 2009

3.5 stars Editors' rating December 17, 2009

Canon PowerShot G12 = G11 + 720p

Canon updates its popular G series model with HD video capture.

By September 14, 2010


PowerShot G11 gets close-up ring light

Lumos, known for its X-Loupe portable microscope camera, has unveiled an attachment for the Canon PowerShot G11 that enables close-up shots.

By March 12, 2010


Canon PowerShot G11 photo samples

A discussion of the photo quality of the Canon PowerShot G11 with sample images.

7 Images By December 18, 2009


Canon PowerShot G11 (photos)

A discussion of the design and features of the Canon PowerShot G11.

6 Images By December 18, 2009


Canon PowerShot G11: Minus 4 megapixels

Canon has done the unthinkable and lopped 4 megapixels off the resolution of the PowerShot G11, compared to its predecessor. And you know what? We don't mind at all

7 Images By August 20, 2009


Canon IXUS 200 and 120, and PowerShot SX20, S90 and G11 announced

Canon announces its first touchscreen and latest compacts with the launch of the IXUS 200 and 120, and PowerShot SX20, S90 and G11

By August 19, 2009


Canon PowerShot G11 photos

Dropping back to 10 megapixels for (conceivably) improved low-light performance and resurrecting the articulated LCD, it looks like Canon is trying to atone for past mistakes in its enthusiast compacts.

7 Images By August 19, 2009


Oculus Rift PC bundles launch, starting at $1,499

Buying a new gaming PC from Asus, Alienware or Dell may be a faster way to get an Oculus Rift headset.

By February 9, 2016


Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard

Logitech's G11 Gaming Keyboard has neither the high-tech flash nor the built-in LCD screen of Logitech's G15 model, but otherwise the two keyboards are exactly the same. Nongamers might not be too interested, but thanks a vast array of customizable keys and sharp blue LED backlighting, we imagine all kinds of PC gamers could benefit from it.

By August 1, 2006

3.5 stars Editors' rating August 1, 2006