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Twitter hires security expert Charlie Miller

The hire, which follows Moxie Marlinspike's move to Twitter last year, is evidence of how seriously Twitter is taking security these days.

By Sep. 14, 2012


News Corp. digital chief Jon Miller exits

The departure was apparently prompted by a reorganization that will split News Corp.'s entertainment and publishing operations into separate companies.

By Aug. 23, 2012


LongJump to foster private clouds for corporate IT

Company to license technology to help both IT and software developers build their own private clouds

By Mar. 31, 2009


Time Warner objects to Miller on Yahoo's board

Former AOL CEO Jonathan Miller was apparently named as one of three potential new board members at Yahoo, but his former boss has pooh-poohed the idea, according to Techcrunch.

By Aug. 1, 2008


Herman Miller: From Aeron to air

Maker of iconic chair finds climate control

By Jun. 11, 2007


Yahoo to tap Jonathan Miller for board seat and more?

As Yahoo prepares to add investor Carl Icahn to its board, two other seats will come from his approved list. Is ex-AOL chief Jonathan Miller on tap to not only take a director's seat but possibly the CEO slot?

By Jul. 22, 2008


Report: $100 billion would foster 2 million green jobs

With $100 billion from Washington, workforce would expand with 2 million green-collar jobs within two years, according to report backed by the Center for American Progress.

By Sep. 10, 2008


News Corp.'s Miller: MySpace needs a culture shift

The once-dominant social network needs to find its way, News Corp. digital chief Jonathan Miller says. But the path back to glory is about spotting new trends, not playing catch-up.

By Jul. 23, 2009


So Larry Page, Sue Decker, Terry Semel and Bill Miller go into a bar...

Insert your own punch line here. The New York Times says they were chatting at the Sun Valley conference, but we don't know what they said.

By Jul. 10, 2008


Fresh Jawbone apps tackle the science of sounder sleep

New Up Coffee and Up 3.1 activity tracking apps from Jawbone are designed to make restful sleep a priority.

By Mar. 6, 2014