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Fortinet: Job outlook improving for cybercrooks

Next year will see more cybercrooks hiring people to help create and deploy botnets, which will likely trigger further cooperation in security community to shut down malware at its source.

By December 13, 2010


After big buildup, Mayer's plan for Yahoo remains vague

New CEO Marissa Mayer didn't have much to say in the way of specifics.

By September 25, 2012


Android's popularity makes it open target for malware, says study

The popularity and openness of Google's mobile OS has led to a 90 percent jump in malware targeting Android devices this year, says security vendor Fortinet.

By December 6, 2011


More malware targeting Android

Google pulls Trojanized Android apps, and researchers warn of malware in alternative Android markets in China and of an Android version of the Zitmo banking Trojan.

By July 11, 2011


Report: Spam down, but malware continues hold

Spam levels worldwide dropped 12 percent last month following the takedown of a large spam network, but the threat of malware is as strong as ever, according to a report from Fortinet.

By December 2, 2010


Zeus banking Trojan targets mobile phones too

Researchers uncover version of Windows-targeted malware that tricks people out of mobile numbers to thwart two-factor authentication text message confirmations from banks.

By September 27, 2010


Facebook worm feeds off Google's reputation

New worm crawling Facebook accounts leads victims to "videos" on Google Reader and Google Picasa pages that in turn link to malicious server sites.

By October 29, 2008


Facebook widget includes spyware, says security vendor

Fortinet warns Facebook users to be wary of the Secret Crush widget.

By January 4, 2008


Facebook dumps Secret Crush application over spyware claim

After a security firm reports that a popular Facebook third-party app contains a spyware download, the social network removes it--1.5 million installs later.

By January 7, 2008