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Windows Defender

Windows Defender is free and therefore should be a part of your desktop antispyware collection. Still, it's best to get a second opinion, probably from your name-brand antivirus-plus-software application.

By March 15, 2007

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Yahoo's Marissa Mayer defends her maternity leave

Yahoo's CEO, who gave birth to twins last year, has been criticized for taking a limited amount of time off work after having her babies and setting a bad example to her employees. That is not the case, she says.

By May 5, 2016


BlackBerry defends giving police access to phone messages

The company says it stood by its principles while helping law enforcement take down organized crime. It also seems to take a swing at Apple.

By April 18, 2016


Trump defends his penis size. What does science say?

Technically Incorrect: Donald Trump and Marco Rubio engage in the weirdest debate hands-down on the subject. Science weighs in on how digit length relates to the size of other appendages.

By March 4, 2016


Uber 'heartbroken' over Michigan shooting but defends its driver screening

Jason Dalton, who's charged with killing six people, had no criminal history and a good Uber driver rating, the ride-sharing service said. There were no "red flags."

By February 22, 2016


Oculus Rift creator defends $600 price, promises cost will eventually drop

Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey says the goal for Rift to be "cheap, functional and disruptive" has never changed -- though the timeline has.

By January 10, 2016


Mark Zuckerberg defends his $45B charitable impulse

Critics have expressed concern about how the Facebook CEO's new organization will be set up and where the donations will go.

By December 4, 2015


Forza 6 director defends microtransactions

"You can turn them off."

By November 19, 2015


Former Uncharted 4 dev defends multiplayer microtransactions

"You should pay for good work."

By November 17, 2015


Snowden a 'human rights defender,' say European politicians

A vote in the European Parliament sees politicians agree that Edward Snowden should be given protection in Europe -- but that doesn't mean he will be.

By October 29, 2015