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Discussing the E.T. cartridges dug out from a landfill on Tomorrow Daily

Widely considered one of the worst games of all time, "E.T." for Atari 2600 was so terrible, unsold copies were dumped in a landfill. Now, after an excavation earlier this year, those dirty cartridges are hitting eBay, and they're pretty pricey.

By November 5, 2014


Vine in the cross-hairs as FIFA, ESPN seek World Cup takedowns

Social media is a company's best friend -- until it involves copyrights and trademarks. The latest example: Sports broadcasters are cracking down on 6-second clips of the World Cup.

By July 2, 2014


What the DMCA cell phone unlock ban means to you (FAQ)

Get the lowdown on how the antipiracy Digital Millennium Copyright Act is being applied to phone-unlocking tech and what a recent update to the law means to consumers who want to unlock their phones.

By March 5, 2013


How sites like MegaUpload make millions from pirated video

MegaUpload makes money the same way many legitimate sites do--through search, social media, ad networks, and online payment processors.

By February 10, 2012


Digital City 90: Free Wi-Fi hits Chicago; best free iPad comics; and win this Mafia II gun lamp

On this week's episode of the Digital City video podcast, municipal Wi-Fi comes to Chicago thanks to AT&T, but at the same time, New York suffers a partial Verizon outage. We take on New York's annoying taxicab TV screens and present a quick tour of some of the best free comic books available for Apple's iPad.

By July 26, 2010


'Psychic' Uri Geller reaches copyright settlement

A deal between the controversial "paranormalist" and skeptic Brian Sapient was reached over a copyright dispute--but the terms of the deal remain a mystery.

By August 4, 2008


Steve Jobs: The Source of All Evil

More ZDNet blogger silliness about Steve Jobs and DRM.

By December 6, 2007


Episode 573: Hard out there for a PMP

Zune 2 is coming! Zune 2 is coming! Ok, if you don't care about that, the PS3 price cut is apparently real.

By October 2, 2007


Free George Hotz!

Is posting iPhone hacking instructions legal?

By August 28, 2007


More stuff to Crave

We dredged the series of tubes for you!

By January 17, 2007