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NeuAer lets you tag the radio signature of your ex

CueCat inventor's new real-world tagging technology uses all the sensors in your phone.

By February 24, 2011


Microsoft tries to reinvent the bar code

Like a modern-day CueCat, Microsoft's Tag technology uses a cell phone camera to read bar codes linking printed materials to online content.

By February 1, 2010


Consumers fail to make CueCat purr

As advertising sales go to the dogs, an offbeat marketing scheme aimed at bridging print and online media with CueCat digital scanners is getting bitten.

March 29, 2001


"CueCat" users' information let out of the bag

In the race to turn consumers on to digital scanners, DigitalConvergence stumbles on a security breach that leaves its members' names and email addresses vulnerable to unsolicited email.

By September 18, 2000


Digital scanner maker lays off 110

DigitalConvergence, the innovator behind the CueCat digital scanner, lays off more than 44 percent of its staff in an effort to meet its financial goals.

June 18, 2001