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Loopfuse integrates open-source demand generation into CentricCRM

Loopfuse just announced its integration with CentricCRM. The demand generation revolution is almost in full swing.

By August 22, 2007


CentricCRM to go open source next week

CentricCRM will be moving key functionality to an OSI-approved license next week, bending to pressure (both positive and negative) from the open source community. This move is good for CentricCRM and good for open source. Here's why.

By June 22, 2007


Dragging one's feet to open source

Open source is not up to each individual to define. It's up to the community, and the community has traditionally delivered its verdict on licenses through the OSI. CentricCRM has given no good reasons for this to change.

By July 11, 2007