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Caterpillar robot's recoil too quick to see

Tufts University creates a silicone caterpillar, GoQBot, that can curl into a wheel to escape danger.

By April 28, 2011


Caterpillar D7E: Move earth and save the Earth

CNET editor Wayne Cunningham gets to drive the first hybrid dozer, the Caterpillar D7E.

By June 12, 2009


Caterpillar D7E hybrid dozer photos

In an effort to reduce emissions for construction equipment, Caterpillar created the hybrid D7E dozer. In developing the advanced drivetrain, Caterpillar realized many more benefits than just cleaner air, finding the efficient drivetrain gives the dozer better performance all-around.

13 Images By June 12, 2009


WheeMe: Like a Roomba for your sore back

Massage bot from DreamBots caresses you with "patented fingerettes" that make it look like the love child of a toy car and a rubber caterpillar.

By December 1, 2010


The bike with a flamethrower and ejector seat

A U.K. insurer asks cyclists what they hate most about cycling. On the basis of the results, it builds a bike featuring a Caterpillar track, a flamethrower, and an ejector seat.

By September 29, 2010


Plants muster defenses when they 'hear' an attack

Plants vs. Caterpillars? Nope, it's not a video game mashup. It's a very real battle, and the plants are using a unique method to win.

By July 5, 2014


DARPA Grand Challenge: Carnegie Mellon

Five million dollars, two red Humvees, and sponsors including Google and Caterpillar. Check out the powerhouse team that didn't win.

May 21, 2008


Planet CNET: The luscious ladies of CNET

In this episode of Planet CNET, we bring you tips on greening your car, calling in sick to watch the Olympics, and avoiding the dreaded caterpillar dance in France.

By August 5, 2008


3D scanning shows a butterfly's metamorphosis

What happens when an insect undergoes metamorphosis? Scientists from the University of Manchester used micro-CT scanning to take a look.

By May 16, 2013