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Adobe will issue free security fixes for CS5 apps after all

The company says it's working on patches for Creative Suite 5.x versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash. Previously, customers would have had to pay to upgrade to CS6 to get the fixes.

By May. 12, 2012


Adobe Photoshop CS5 for photographers

Photoshop CS5 has a number of tools for photographers that help automate what used to be tedious and difficult processes. We've tried out CS5 on a number of photographs of our own to show what the software is capable of.

13 Images By Apr. 13, 2010


Create an HDR image in Photoshop CS5

If you want to take a boring photo and pump it full of life, Photoshop CS5's two methods for making a High Dynamic Range image will do just that. The first is a streamlined and improved merging tool, and the second is a new HDR tool that turns a single image into a trendy HDR masterpiece. We'll show you both in this How To.

By Jun. 8, 2010


Photoshop CS5 applications crashing on quitting

Adobe recently released its latest CS5 productivity suite for the Mac, and a few people have been experiencing a problem where applications (particularly Photoshop) seem to be crashing when they are quit. The program will otherwise run just fine.

By May. 18, 2010


Random rumblings about Adobe CS5

Before shelling out for cool tools you may never use, make sure that Adobe has fixed the features you do.

By Apr. 11, 2010


Adobe offers HTML5 pack for Illustrator CS5

The big news last week was Apple's reprieve for Flash developers on its mobile platforms, but Adobe is still forging ahead with its tools for creating HTML 5-compatible content.

By Sep. 12, 2010


Adobe updates Illustrator CS5 to version 15.0.1

Adobe has released an update for Illustrator, which addresses a number of stability issues including a problem with the program reporting not enough memory on Macs with greater than 4GB, Glyph panel glitches, and crashes at launch and quit.

By Aug. 6, 2010


Adobe updates Dreamweaver CS5 to version 11.0.2

Adobe today released an update to Dreamweaver CS5, bringing the latest version to 11.0.2. The update addresses small issues with the program since its initial release, and also includes previous updates for Adobe's Browser Lab.

By Jul. 12, 2010