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Google acquires 3D desktop BumpTop

Bump's BumpTop desktop replacement freeware runs on top of Windows and Mac OS X, creating a three-dimensional work environment.

By May 2, 2010


BumpTop brings 3D, physics to Mac desktop

Is this the desktop of the future, or just a toy?

By January 20, 2010


Apple bumps Coca-Cola to become world's top brand

The iPhone maker becomes the first company to knock Coca-Cola from atop Interbrand's study of the value of corporate brands. Google claims second place, as IBM and Intel slip.

By September 30, 2013


Nvidia bumps up laptop graphics to GForce 9M series

Today at Computex, the computer trade show in Taiwan, Nvidia unveiled a new lineup of laptop GPUs, called the GeForce 9M Series.

By June 3, 2008


Bumptop releasing 3D Windows desktop

Anand Agarawala demos a new way to interact with your Windows machine's desktop: The Bumptop.

April 6, 2009


Apple v. Samsung: Meet Apple's next 7 witnesses

The case between the two tech giants picks back up today, beginning with some more testimony. Here's who is on deck.

By August 3, 2012


Mother of 'Happy Mac' graphic to testify in Apple v. Samsung

Susan Kare, the graphic designer who created some of the interface designs and best known graphics for the original Mac OS, is scheduled to appear in the patent case.

By August 5, 2012


3D desktops

Unconventional computer desktops use 3D graphics to add unique functionality.

By April 4, 2007


Buzz Out Loud 1219: DARPA requests transformer flying cars. So do we. (podcast)

The folks who built the Internet are thinking it could be a great idea if flying cars were available in military zones to help extract soldiers quickly from sensitive locations. And they should transform. So, awesome future on our way. Plus, Apple sells 1 million iPads, we try to untangle the h.264 codec mess, and the future of the Internet is cloudy.

By May 3, 2010