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Bibble Pro

Process raw photos from professional digital SLRs.

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Bibble Professional for Windows

Process images and revolutionize digital photographic Work flow.

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Corel takes a bite of raw photography with Bibble buy

At CES, the image-editing software company will introduce new photo software based on Bibble's raw-processing technology, the company's president says.

By January 9, 2012


Long-awaited Bibble 5 raw photo editor arrives

Bibble 5 Pro is out, bringing higher performance and a higher price to the raw-photo editing and cataloging software. Also new: selective editing.

By December 30, 2009


Bibble software gets new SLR support

Bibble's raw-image editing software now supports multiple new SLR cameras, including the Canon EOS-1D Mark III among others.

By June 8, 2007


Samsung YP-K5: Boop bip beep bibble

Hey hoodie! Come get your greasy little hands on Samsung's latest offering. A built-in speaker ensures maximum anti-social potential. Wutang!

By September 19, 2006